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Delfina Shehu, Co-Founder


“SHEHU Academy” is the first training center to provide AKK-accredited trainings.

The establishment of this center was a significant step in advancing the skills of young people and preparing them for the labor market in accordance with market demands.

Our academy has the capacity to provide accredited trainings for 300 students per year.

The concept for the Training Academy project development arose from our collaboration with the Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE) initiative in 2018. The project’s collaborative structure provided us with the chance to learn about the dual education system as well as our position in the business sector. Since then, we have explored all options for establishing the Training Academy, and in 2019, we began preparing for the Carpenter profession’s accreditation.

After months of hard effort, we acquired AKK accreditation to deliver training in 2020.It’s worth mentioning that the USAID EMPOWER project provided the initial funding for the Academy’s certification, as well as supporting the accreditation process.


The target groups to benefit from our trainings are:

  • Young job seekers aiming to certify as professionals for the demanded in the labor market;
  • Technical personnel of enterprises currently in the wood processing industry;
  • Young engineers interested to further develop their technical abilities in the profession;
  • Young persons with special requirements;

The authorized carpenter profession takes three months of studying, but since there is a demand from the wood industry sector for short modular trainings (10-15 days) is greater than the need for protracted trainings, our Academy also provides intense training for several profiles such as:

  • Introduction to carpentry, workplace safety, and environmental protection;
  • Handcraft production using machinery and hand tools;
  • Traditional wood processing using static machinery;
  • Programming of CNC machines;
  • CNC machine operation;

Our Course offers accreditation for levels 3 and 4. Candidates who take particular trainings obtain a level 3 certificate of carpentry, whereas candidates who attend all modules and pass the final test receive the level 4 certificate, which means they qualify as a (technical) Carpenter according to ISCO 08 an International Standardized Classification of professions.

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